How is mobile technology transforming healthcare?

Deloitte has produced a report that looks into how mobile technology is transforming healthcare.

The healthcare and life sciences industry is recognised as one of the top fields likely to drive mobile device growth in the next five years. Mobile device users who downloaded at least one mHealth application onto their smartphone doubled between 2011 and 2012.

Digital technologies including mobile devices can play a key role in transforming health care into a more-efficient, patient-centred system of care in which individuals can have instant on-demand access to their medical records and powerful clinical decision support tools that empower them to participate in treatment plans.

Drivers of mHealth growth

Mobile apps are enhancing overall consumer engagement in healthcare by increasing the flow of information, lowering costs through better decision making, reducing in-person visits and greater adherence to treatment plans.

Who is making use of mHealth?

Health insurance companies are promoting the use of mobile technologies in sharing information about hospitals and physician performance and encouraging use in self-care for chronic conditions not requiring intense care from physicians. Pharmacists and retail health merchants are using mHealth solutions to bring information to consumers and offer therapy that complement traditional treatments often saving time and money.

Find out more about how mHealth solutions is benefitting the healthcare industry by reading the full report here.

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Deloitte has produced a report that looks into how mobile technology is transforming healthcare.

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